Reconstructionism is not for me…

I’ve noticed that whenever I have a conversation with a reconstructionist, I feel like they are trying to convince me that I need to move towards reconstructionism, or that I’m doing it wrong. I’m totally cool with reconstruction-ism, it’s just not my path. I like the scholarship, the dedication to their gods, their emphasis on scholarship, and the high standards.

However, I feel that if I were to adopt a re-constructionist way of approaching spirituality, that it would limit me, that it would take a great deal of the color out of a path that I enjoy very much.

When I tried explaining it recently in an in person conversation, all I could say was “I don’t want a bunch of recons telling me what to do.”  That’s sort of close, but that’s NOT it. I do value my freedom. In fact, my spiritual path, being not religious, is not deity centered. It’s ME centered. I love my goddess, and I enjoy interaction and the mutual benefit of deity-human relations, it’s not the point of my path. That doesn’t go with religions, much less reconstructionist religions.

So, while I study, honor, and work with Egyptian gods, I will never be Kemetic. I have a high interest in Egypt, I really like Old Kingdom Egypt, and I’m interested in digging into what Egypt was in pre-dynastic times.  What the priests did, I’m not so much interested in other than academically.  I study Egyptian mythology because I love Isis, even though the Isis I adore has grown beyond Egypt. I also feel a pull from a past life.

I study other mythologies and pantheons as well. My deities come from everywhere, but I by no means embrace all deities from the pantheons I study. I enjoy multiple symbolism, and I like finding the common thread between them all, and integrating that into my spiritual path.  The gods and goddesses I study aren’t necessarily linked to my matron, but they all have things to teach me that enhance my path.

I am primarily a Witch, and while Witchcraft is not religious for me, it is what I am.  I don’t believe in the nonsense of being born a witch, but I do believe that some people are called to be Witches, and that not following that path would lead to a world of unhappiness, strain, and being false to one’s nature. I look back at my life and feel that there is no other path I could have taken that would have been true to my nature.  I could not have been a Gardnerian Wiccan high priestess and have it be true to my nature. I could not be Buddhist and have it be true to who I am. I could not have adopted Celtic Reconstructionism (as I looked into it early on) and be the best person I could be. The best person I can be is rooted and tied into the kind of Witchcraft I practice.

Does this mean that for the purpose of group work or working within a tradition I am unwilling or unable to be taught because I don’t like being told what to do? NO!  What it means is that I must be able to integrate new knowledge into my path in such a way that it enhances it but does not eradicate it.  If I can’t do that then then tradition is not for me. That limits my options, but it is what it is. What I see in paths that involve reconstructionism is the elimination of outside practices. This may not be true, and it may only be based on my limited perspective, but I really need to emphasize that I am not going to, for any group, ideal, or persuasion, give up my freedom of spiritual expression for anyone or anything, not even the gods.

I’ve been called dangerous for this. I can live with that.


~ by bedazzlecat on May 23, 2012.

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