Shameless Self Promotion

I give free 3-card readings.  All I need for these is your approximate age, gender/orientation, star sign and question via email or PM.  Info at end of post.

However, I’m a homemaker with a toddler  and an elementary school child.  My partner makes a modest income, and we are very frugal and live without public assistance. I do odd jobs for elderly people I know for a little extra.  I also have an Etsy shop. We do alright, but a little more here and there is better. This is just a way of creating prosperity with my skill.

Free services:  3 card reading, spell consultation, candles lit and petitions made for healing or other issues.


  1. 5 card elemental reading to figure out issues where you are out of balance.  I use the Robin Wood Deck for these.
  2. Crystal divination related to any question.  I use 13 crystals.
  3. 3 Futhark Rune reading. Issue/Obstacles/Course of Action
  4. Witchrune casting


  1. 7 card Faery Oracle reading
  2. 7 card Thoth Tarot Reading
  3. 5 Futhark Rune reading


  1. Custom talismanic spell bag for any issue covered in a reading  (includes free 3 card reading)


  1. Celtic Cross on Thoth or Robin Wood
  2. 7 Rune reading

Info needed:

– approximate age, gender/orientation, star sign, question/issue, and type of reading.

Send to bedazzlecat [dash] one at yahoo dot com via paypal or visit my Etsy shop.


~ by bedazzlecat on April 16, 2012.

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