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These photos were taken blind, in the dark with the door shut in my “broom closet” with the flash on the camera. Not great photography,  but hey…


Reconstructionism is not for me…

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I’ve noticed that whenever I have a conversation with a reconstructionist, I feel like they are trying to convince me that I need to move towards reconstructionism, or that I’m doing it wrong. I’m totally cool with reconstruction-ism, it’s just not my path. I like the scholarship, the dedication to their gods, their emphasis on scholarship, and the high standards.

However, I feel that if I were to adopt a re-constructionist way of approaching spirituality, that it would limit me, that it would take a great deal of the color out of a path that I enjoy very much.

When I tried explaining it recently in an in person conversation, all I could say was “I don’t want a bunch of recons telling me what to do.”  That’s sort of close, but that’s NOT it. I do value my freedom. In fact, my spiritual path, being not religious, is not deity centered. It’s ME centered. I love my goddess, and I enjoy interaction and the mutual benefit of deity-human relations, it’s not the point of my path. That doesn’t go with religions, much less reconstructionist religions.

So, while I study, honor, and work with Egyptian gods, I will never be Kemetic. I have a high interest in Egypt, I really like Old Kingdom Egypt, and I’m interested in digging into what Egypt was in pre-dynastic times.  What the priests did, I’m not so much interested in other than academically.  I study Egyptian mythology because I love Isis, even though the Isis I adore has grown beyond Egypt. I also feel a pull from a past life.

I study other mythologies and pantheons as well. My deities come from everywhere, but I by no means embrace all deities from the pantheons I study. I enjoy multiple symbolism, and I like finding the common thread between them all, and integrating that into my spiritual path.  The gods and goddesses I study aren’t necessarily linked to my matron, but they all have things to teach me that enhance my path.

I am primarily a Witch, and while Witchcraft is not religious for me, it is what I am.  I don’t believe in the nonsense of being born a witch, but I do believe that some people are called to be Witches, and that not following that path would lead to a world of unhappiness, strain, and being false to one’s nature. I look back at my life and feel that there is no other path I could have taken that would have been true to my nature.  I could not have been a Gardnerian Wiccan high priestess and have it be true to my nature. I could not be Buddhist and have it be true to who I am. I could not have adopted Celtic Reconstructionism (as I looked into it early on) and be the best person I could be. The best person I can be is rooted and tied into the kind of Witchcraft I practice.

Does this mean that for the purpose of group work or working within a tradition I am unwilling or unable to be taught because I don’t like being told what to do? NO!  What it means is that I must be able to integrate new knowledge into my path in such a way that it enhances it but does not eradicate it.  If I can’t do that then then tradition is not for me. That limits my options, but it is what it is. What I see in paths that involve reconstructionism is the elimination of outside practices. This may not be true, and it may only be based on my limited perspective, but I really need to emphasize that I am not going to, for any group, ideal, or persuasion, give up my freedom of spiritual expression for anyone or anything, not even the gods.

I’ve been called dangerous for this. I can live with that.

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For me it was an answer of “No, that goddess isn’t me, but her lessons are my lessons too.”


In Egypt, She was called T3 w’t (Tah Uwah-et), “The Only One.” In Greek, this same epithet of the Goddess became Thiouis (Thee-oou-iss). The way the Romans expressed this concept may be summed up in a graffito found on one of the walls of the Temple of Isis in Rome: Una, quae es omnia, Dea Isis, “Being one, Thou art all, Goddess Isis.”

Confusing in a polytheistic world, isn’t it?

Well, no.

It’s confusing to us, most of whom have been born into a culture steeped in the singularity of the one male Deity. But that was very far from the experience of the ancient world. They were used to dealing with any number of Deities—as well as other Divine beings. The face of the Divine could be seen and sensed in many ways and many places and be known by many names.


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Stretching My Legs

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… and so I am reborn on the interwebs.  Same name, different place.  A new blog to give myself some breathing room from my Tumblr.

According to the D&D alignment chart quiz, I’m a Chaotic Neutral, and according to Myers-Brigg, I’m an INTJ.   According to standard astrology, I’m a Sagittarius, and by Sidereal standards, I’m a Scorpio.  I was born in the year  of the Snake.  I aced the Star Seed quiz (alien, doncha know! lmfao), and have a genius level IQ.  am very weird.  I was struck by lightening. I am a Democrat survivor of a Baptist Republican upbringing.  I lean socialist libertarian , so I think people should share, and then leave each other the fuck alone.  I say “fuck” a lot.  I’m a preacher’s kid.  I have ADD, the quiet dreamy kind who surprises folks with blunt wit now and then.  I’m a bit random.

I am either a Hedge Witch with a side of Chaos or a Chaos Witch with a side of Hedgeriding.   I am too dark to be light, and too light to be dark.  I’m an opportunist.   I’m passionately, fiercely loyal.    I like helping people. I’m generous.  I like teaching.

I am a full-time mother, 34 years old, professional tarot reader, curator of spell supplies, maker of jewelry, artist, giver of magical advice, mystic, listener, problem solver, and rejector of the system. My little family is my everything.  The Universe is my playground.

Shameless Self Promotion

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However, I’m a homemaker with a toddler  and an elementary school child.  My partner makes a modest income, and we are very frugal and live without public assistance. I do odd jobs for elderly people I know for a little extra.  I also have an Etsy shop. We do alright, but a little more here and there is better. This is just a way of creating prosperity with my skill.

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– approximate age, gender/orientation, star sign, question/issue, and type of reading.

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